5 Boxes

So today marked a small milestone in the preparation for our move up north.
We checked out of our apartment shut the door behind us carrying what was left to the cars.
This may not seem like much to some folks, but in our journey it’s huge.

Over the years both Lori and I have moved a lot, and like most people we would just do a little purge of a few things we knew we wouldn’t need and pack the rest in boxes, load the truck and unpack everything  as you set up a new home.
This wasn’t the case this time… Because we were basically only taking a few suitcases of clothing and shipping a few totes of personal effects, so this was more a liquidation sale for a failing business.
All in all its taken 3 months to get to this point, and it certainly wouldn’t have been possible with the artifful skills of my wife. Her strategic planning on what could be sold when and for how much enabled us to successfully transition to this point.

Going through this process really helps you understand what’s truly important in your life.
There was a point when we both looked down at 5 boxes that we were about to ship.  These 5 boxes contained what we deemed to be important enough to keep. 
5 boxes… 5 boxes.. It’s still hard to get my head around that when all is said and done the life of a family of 4 came down to 5 boxes.
It was a great exercise in understanding what really is important to us, the rest was just comfort really.. Comfort knowing you can come home from work and switch on your big tv or kick back and relax on your comfy sofa.. I’m not saying these things aren’t important in living a comfortable lifestyle, but it’s not going to kill you if you woke up one morning and it was all gone.
The good part of this exercise is we now know the answer to that age old question “what would you grab if you had to evacuate yours house quickly?” For my family it’s the 5 boxes sitting somewwhere in the Canada Post network as you read this.



3 thoughts on “5 Boxes

  1. Goes to show we don’t need as much as we think we do.It all comes down to what is most important family and a few personal things!Love reading your blog as you go alongto yournew destination!!!


  2. I left Germany with 92 boxes in a big container….and I was crying over things I had to leave behind…but I have also left the first time when I came to Canada with only 4 suitcases….you will see in a few month you will have everything back and are excited to buy new things…


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