It feels like this is the quietest it’s been for months. Everyone’s tucked into bed at the hotel fast asleep.

Today was a hard day, because today we said good to our family.  Although the only real family was Lori’s father, our close friends are like family to us. We have been able to watch our kids grown up together, creating a bond between them that you’d typically only see in a tight knit family. For my kids especially, this is the only family they have known as most of their relatives are in Australia.


The kids had a great time tearing it up one last time together. Part of me always wonder if they really understand just how special this was, not just for them but also for their parents who are incredibly proud of them. I know I’m going to miss this group of kids more than they’ll ever know.

In a way saying goodbye just stinks, but there is an upside to this. We couldn’t have begun this amazing journey without all the goodbyes we’ve had to say the past month.

When we first told the kids about our plans there was a lot of tears, they’ve never had to say goodbye like this before. We told them that they are not loosing friends, they get to make many more friends. This is the same thing I had to convince myself when I made the move to Canada.
I was so blessed to have such an amazing circle of friends, and those true friends are still a part of my life just like these kids will be.

The wonderful thing about friendship is that it follows you no matter where you are. I’m so happy our kids lives have been enriched by all their friends, but I’m even happier that my kids have enriched the lives of their friends in their own unique way.


Tomorrow the journey begins……. Halifax – Endomton…. It’s just got very real.


One thought on “Goodbyes

  1. Beautiful words, I feel where your are at. In two weeks we start our adventure back to Oz reeled with mixed emotions. Our kids have made such wonderful friendships here but I know there will be plenty more to make in Oz! All the best to you and the family… is but an adventure!


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