Caution – Reindeer Crossing

Today was the 81st annual crossing of the Reindeer population in the N.W.T. This happens between Inuvik & Tuktoyaktuk as the herders move them to their calving grounds at Richards Island.

There was about 200 of us there to take in this spectacular event.

We left home in Aklavik and headed down the Ice road for about 90 minutes. The drive was far from enjoyable this morning due to the weather. It was some of the most White Knuckling moments of my life… but we made it there safe and sound thanks to being able to follow a colleague of mine and his family who were ahead of us.

Once we arrived we moved into position , it took a while to realize that the herd was directly in front of where we standing. I always imagined it to be a loud process, but if it wasn’t for the sound of the people around us and the wind, it would have been almost silent.

The herders keep the herd moving in a circular motion, all were very calm and looked almost effortless to those watching.


Once the over 3000 reindeer crossed the road and into the field, the herders let them go and we were able to watch 3000 reindeer run up over the hill as they continue to their summer calving grounds on Richards Island .

Reindeer Crossing Video

It was a truly amazing experience and once we will never forget. We were informed is past years they brought the herd closer to the crowds so they could get a better look, but for some reason this year they were a little further back.

Afterwards we got back into the truck and drove to Inuvik for lunch before heading home to Aklavik. The drive home was much nicer and far more enjoyable.

Drive home

More Drive Home

All in all is was an awesome day and one we certainly will not forget anytime soon.

Yu can also checkout the CBC’s photo’s of the event.CBC








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