Time is Ticking

I’ve been debating for a while about writing this blog. A part of me was thinking who would  really care about what my family and I are experiencing during our time while living in the Canadian artic.

As we have been getting closer to our departure to the north, more and more people have been asking me if I was going to blog about it. I’m far from a writer, but willing to give it a go.

So here we are 15 days before we depart for our new life in Aklavik in remote North West Territory Canada writing my first ever blog.

I was born and raised in the outer suburbs of Melbourne Australia. Youngest of 5 kids and lived what I’d call a pretty normal life.  Normal until sitting in my office almost 14 years ago when I decided I wanted to do something different before it was too late.  So after some thoughts I decided to take a year and spend it in Canada.  That year has lasted 14 years, and in that time I’ve managed to meet and marry my wife,  have two amazing children who are now 8 & 7 and live a pretty decent life.

We live in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, it’s a beautiful part of the world and we do Love living here.  The people of this community are some of the most generous and wonderful people you could ever meet,but there is a problem here.  Things are slowing down, industry is leaving, unemployment is high and the opportunity to really get ahead from where we are is slim pickings. 547_001

In the back of our minds we knew  at some point we would need to make a move somewhere.  Never in our wildest dreams did we think that move would be 1.6 degrees north of the Arctic lCircle. A big move for anyone let alone a family of 4.


So in 15 days we get on a plane and begin the next chapter of our lives. I’ll be managing a retail store and my wife Lori will be working with me. This blog will be about our life, and the experiences both good and bad that we encounter. It’s also a tool for me to be able to step back and reflect on what’s happening in my world.

So here we go…. Wish us luck!